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Our Latest News

Easter promo package welcome all new members. We are glad to announce our Easter Promo package to all investors. This package is the first plan in the deposit section of your account. With this plan, you will earn 13% daily profit for 30 days. Within 10 days, you will earn 130% profit on your investment. The minimum deposit for this Easter promo package is $5000 with the maximum being $5 million. Principal will be back for this plan.
Easter is an exciting moment: lets us celebrate it together. Invest in this Easter package and double your investment within few days.

DOMOLABS MLM program launch
Domolabs now have MLM program. It is simple and direct. Invest any amount into domolabs starting from $1, then refer at least 3 people under you to invest at least the same amount, then get 100% bonus of your invested amount and still have your active deposit.

For instance: If you invest $100 and refer at least 3 people to invest $100 each, you will get $100 and still have your active deposit.

This MLM is an additional opportunity for you to make more profit from domolabs.

Share your referral link to and earn more and more. For every 3 people you refer, you get 100% of your active deposit as bonus.

Contact us if you need more clarity
Domolabs open to the global investors
We officially open Domolabs Investment platform to the public today. All investors across the globe can take part in this program. Invest as low as $1 and earn from our platform.
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